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Natural  gas is a fossil fuel and as such is not a renewable energy source.  Natural gas can be found in various geological formations (U.S. EIA,  2018);
Conventional Natural Gas – Found in the large cracks or spaces between layers of overlying rock.
Unconventional Natural Gas (tight gas or  shale gas) – Found in tiny pores within some shale, sandstone and  sedimentary rock formations
Associated Natural Gas – Found with deposits of crude oil
Like any fossil fuel, combustion of natural gas results in emissions  of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) though at lower levels than oil and coal.  Emissions of CO2 are around 40% lower than coal and around 20% lower  than oil. However another major area where this source beats oil and  coal is in emissions of the other main air pollutants. Natural gas has  the smallest share of total energy-related emissions of air pollutants  (Gould, 2017);
This graph compares the emissions of three fossil fuels for the main  air pollutants in 2015. Gas is the clear winner in each category  particularly Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and fine Particulate matter (PM2.5).
One area in particular where natural gas shows the greatest promise  is the continued evolution of cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power  (CHP). When combining a CHP system with absorption refrigeration  systems, year round efficiency of the CHP can be dramatically increased.  This is known as a trigeneration system or Combined Cooling, Heat and  Power (CCHP) (Clarke Energy, n.d.);
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