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 Oil is used around the world in more ways than any other fossil  fuel.  It is important to put into prospective how reliant we are on  this fossil fuel.  It is used for electrical energy, industry,  transportation, and many more places.  The average United States citizen  alone uses approximately 19.18 barrels a day. There are major concerns  of oil supplies running out. 
            There are many pros and cons of using oil as an energy  source.  The pros include its foundation for the creation of renewable  energy.  The creation of solar and wind products that are used for  creating energy, are the biproduct of oil energy technologies.  Oil  energy is also very affordable, mainly due to the infrastructure we have  built around this. Oil can produce a large amount of energy without  using a lot of it and has been proven to be a reliable source of  energy.  Many jobs exist and are constantly created due to the oil  industry, which encourages economic growth.  However, there are many  cons from using oil as an energy source as well (Ayres).
            Some cons of using oil are that it is a finite resource.   There is only so much oil in the earth, and we are using it faster then  it is being created.  Oil energy usage creates a large amount of  pollution and can cause health hazards in many areas of its use.  There  has been evidence to show that corruption is caused in the industry due  to its large profitability possibilities.  Although it creates jobs, it  can be a very dangerous work environment for the employees that work for  oil companies.  Although I do not believe we can eliminate the use of  oil anytime soon, I believe that as a society we need to continuously  work towards creating alternative energy sources (Ayres). 
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12 Pros and Cons of Oil Energy


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